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How Valet Dry Cleaning Services Make Life Easier

In the crazy world that has been 2020, we have searched for ways to continue on as though life is as normal as can be. For some of us, life has gotten busier and that means looking for more efficient and time effective ways of getting things done. One of the greatest things is using valet dry cleaning services like those at Waterstone Dry Cleaners. The ease and convenience is definitely welcomed into our live’s of virtual schooling and social distancing.

Free Pick Up And Delivery

With a convenient schedule, you can have laundry picked up and dropped off from your home twice a week. This is so handy when it is hard to get out of the house, and many business being closed to the public due to Covid19 restrictions. Just place the bag out front and we will pick it up, clean it, and then drop it back off a couple of days later. Saving you time on chores around the house so you can also focus on your family.
Having contactless pick up and delivery also keeps your family safe. No need for masks or exposure to the general public.

Full Service Alterations

Have you gained or lost weight while working from home? Clothes stretched out? Our valet dry cleaning service can also tailor, hem, alter, and repair any clothing you need. Just place it in that pick up bag and Waterstone Dry Cleaners does the rest. Whether you need long pants hemmed up or a waist let out, our team can take care of your wardrobe.

Schedule Valet Cleaning Service

If you are looking for ways to make life a little bit easier, contact Waterstone Dry Cleaners to begin your laundry service. Choose days from our schedule that work best for you to have your clothes picked up and dropped off.
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