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Alterations Tips From The Experts

You have a collection of clothing in the back of your closet that you don’t wear anymore because they no longer fit. You received as a gift a shirt that’s the perfect style and color, but is a size too large. Fit is the most important aspect of style. When your clothes don’t fit well, nothing else matters; not price, designer, fashion, or brand.  You might want to get alterations tips from the experts.

If your clothes don’t fit or you want them to fit better, trust WaterStone to alter them. This is the #1 way to improve your appearance quickly – without the expense of purchasing new clothes.

A good tailor or seamstress is an excellent ally to save you money on clothing expenditures. We can help you fit into your older clothing despite a weight swing of 25 lbs. or more.  Experienced tailors and seamstresses can adjust jackets down two full sizes without incident at a cost significantly lower than buying a new jacket.  Alteration is only limited by the skill of the tailor or seamstress, the amount of excess fabric in the garment, and the limit of the garment’s proportions. We can even reweave fabrics to patch small holes and rips.

Most fit problems are very easy to fix. Getting your pants hemmed, for example, is a simple and affordable alteration that’s absolutely no problem for WaterStone. Some problems can’t be fixed with alteration, though, so it’s important to understand when not to spend money on alteration. Let us advise you, we know the alterations tips. Call us and ask if alteration is right for you and your garments.

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