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Laundry seems to be never-ending. After all, we wear clothes day in and day out, so there is always laundry that needs to get done. With that said, did you know that when you wash your clothes in the washing machine, you are damaging them? It’s true! In choosing to wash your clothes in the washing machine, you are drastically reducing your clothes’ life span. So, how do you avoid this? Simple. Start dry cleaning everything in your closet. Not only will you save time and energy as you are not required to wash, fold, and put away your laundry, but you will also be able to enjoy your clothing a bit longer.

If saving time and energy isn’t enough of a reason to dry clean everything in your closet, here are six more reasons that dry cleaning should become a priority.

  1. Dry cleaning everything in your closet is the convenience your busy life needs. 

The average individual spends roughly 3 hours a week washing, folding, and putting away laundry. Imagine what else could be done in that timeframe. Interested in writing a book? Here are three hours a week to get started. Want to organize your kitchen? Here are three hours to designate to that task this week.

To ensure this newfound time stays yours, we will not only pick up your dry cleaning for free, but we will also deliver it back to you! All you have to do is text us at 918-270-1488 to arrange your free pick-up and delivery time.

  1. You should dry clean everything in your closet because your clothes need a little TLC too! 

Did you know that fabrics shrink in high heat and machine washers? When you utilize dry cleaning, you are not risking your favorite clothes shrinking!

Dry cleaning is all about tender love and care! Not only will dry cleaning your clothes mean that your clothes have a longer life span, but the TLC they receive will ensure your clothes retain their shape, color, and fit in the process.

  1. With dry cleaning, those pesky stains become a thing of the past!

Stains happen. No matter how careful you are, you are bound to have a stain or two appear on your clothing. It never fails; you get a stain and forget to treat it before it sets. Then every time you wear that outfit from here on out, it haunts you. Every time you go to put on your stained shirt again, you will be full of regret.

  1. Dry cleaning can help with seasonal allergies.

According to Tulsa World, Tulsa is ranked among the worst places for spring allergies. From our beautiful oak trees to high pollen counts, many feel the pain of allergies daily. So, how can you help your allergies lesson when not in the great outdoors? You can dry clean your linens from around the house. Cleaning your bedroom linens and items like shower curtains, throw pillows, and rugs help keep allergies at bay while indoors. According to the FAA, “Dry cleaning kills all dust mites and is also good for removing dust mites from living in fabrics.”

  1. Dry cleaning helps protect the environment. 

At WaterStone, we are committed to the environment and have gone as far as to obtain a green certification from the Green Cleaner council. With that said, were you aware that the average washing machine in America uses 30 to 45 gallons of water for every load? It’s true. Were you also aware that dry cleaning uses no water, and very few environmentally friendly, odorless cleaning solutions? We also recycle hangers, plastic, and cardboard. It is fair to say that dry cleaning through WaterStone helps save water and energy to protect the environment. You can take one step towards environmental sustainability by allowing us to dry clean your items.

  1. At WaterStone dry cleaning, we can handle your items, both big and small. 

Have you ever tried to put a big blanket, such as a comforter, in your washing machine? Large, bulky items such as a comforter can damage your home washer or dryer. And because bedding is so cumbersome, it typically folds and twits when it is washed in a home washer, meaning that not all areas of it will be adequately cleaning. When you send your bulky items to a dry cleaner, you ensure that it gets cleaned in its entirety.

Here at WaterStone, we are always happy to help answer questions. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. To learn more about dry cleaning, read our other blogs and visit our service pages. WaterStone is committed to providing you with dry cleaning services promptly so that you can feel your best!

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