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Dry Cleaning Valet Services

Nothing has made life easier in modern times than having dry cleaning picked up and delivered. And is that really surprising? You live a busy life already. The hours that it takes to load up your laundry, take it to the cleaners, and pick it back up later cuts into other tasks. But now, you can enjoy the convenience of having someone else do the running for you for FREE! Avoid crowded places and traffic, save yourself some time, and call Waterstone Dry Cleaning.

How Does Dry Cleaning Delivery Work?

We pick up and deliver your items twice a week, based on your schedule. You tell us what days are the best for you and we will pick them up. We have four days used for pick up and delivery; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each time we come is both a pick up and a delivery. We even send you a text reminder before hand that allows you to adjust your schedule as needed.

You Don’t Even Have To Be Home

We will provide you with a bag for your items. You can place your items in the bag, and leave it on your porch. We will swing by and grab them and send you a confirmation text to keep you informed about your cleaning. If you have any notes for us, we leave a special request card in the bag you can fill out and our cleaners will stay on top of it.

Saving You Time And Money

We want to work on your schedule, and be as convenient as you need us to be. Our process is 100% environmentally friendly. We can set you up for a one time service, or recurring as you need us. And we never charge you for dry cleaning valet services. Call us today to schedule a cleaning and find out why so many people are turning to Waterstone Cleaners for their service.
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