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Ozone Sterilized Laundry

Can be laundry be sterile? With WaterStone’s Ozone sterilized laundry, the answer is YES!

Several years ago we added Ozone Injection directly to our wash and rinse processes, creating true Ozone sterilized laundry. Ozone is the air we breathe that is ran through a high voltage electrical charge changing from O2 to O3. We go a step further. The O2 is first run through an accumulator to strip out the impurities, leaving nearly pure O2. That’s the secret to getting Ozone (O3) at the concentrations that we produce.

During both the wash and subsequent rinse cycle, we are bubbling Ozone (O3) directly into the water. Technically, the Ozone is being produced at 1.5 Parts Per Million. We can go up to 3.0 PPM, which is 100%, but it’s now necessary. At 1.5 PPM, all “bugs” (Corona Virus, STAPH, HEP-C, MERS, HIV, STREP, FLU, Common Cold, etc) are killed in under 3 minutes. Our laundry process takes far longer than 3 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes total time to clean a load of laundry. With Ozone sterilized laundry, you know it’s REALLY CLEAN!

A side benefit to this type of process is that we don’t have to wash or dry at high temperatures or use aggressive chemicals to achieve the hygienic effect we desire. Essentially, your clothing is cleaned on gentle every time.

Additionally, Ozone is a great deodorizer. Send in the dog bed that you can’t get the smell out of or that special item that smells like a campfire or cigarette smoke and we can “Ozone Only” treat it and get it back to normal.

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