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Free Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery

We come by twice per week. Either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday depending upon where you live. Each day is a pick up and delivery day. If you have a cleaning need,  simply put it out in our bag. We’ll pick it up and do the rest. Call us and we’ll explain how everything works.

New customers will receive 20% off services for 60 days! Contact us to find out more! 

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We provide same day service Monday through Friday.

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Yes, there is a difference! We only use environmentally friendly, odorless, non-toxic dry cleaning solution. That means we don’t use perchloroethylene or perc.

Perc is a known carcinogen and is classified as hazardous waste by the EPA. Our solution is safe for your health, your family and your clothing. Don’t settle for less.

Your clothes will feel, smell and look so much better and they will even last longer when they have been cleaned. We are committed to helping preserve the environment and its resources.

We guarantee that all of your buttons will be sewn on properly, creases are to your specification, and spots are properly removed.

Full Service Laundry

Full Service Laundry

Our shirt laundry service is phenomenal! Take a look at your white dress shirts. Do they look white?  We can make your white shirts bright again.

Now take a look at the collars. Are they white or are they dingy grey?

Our customers rave about the quality of our laundering process. Many have commented their garments haven’t looked this good since the day they bought them.

Give it a try. We bet you will be extremely satisfied.



Buttons become loose, hems get ripped out or that fitness program is really working miracles and all of your pants need to taken in by 2 inches!  Whatever the need, we can handle it, come by and let us take care of all your clothing needs.

Pants too long? Waist too tight? Hem loose?

We are specialists for all types of Alterations, Tailoring, Bridal and Wedding Gowns,and Draperies. We operate as a fully staffed team of experts with a focus on personal service.

Just place your items in your bag and we’ll take care of the rest. We can even reweave fabrics that have been torn.

Contact WaterStone

Contact WaterStone

Owasso: 918-272-2424
Pick-Up & Delivery: 918-270-1488

Email: service@waterstonecleaners.com

WaterStone Locations

WaterStone Locations

WaterStone Dry Cleaning - Owasso
9540 N Garnett Rd Suite 115, Owasso, OK
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Tulsa Dry Cleaning. Delivered.

WaterStone delivers quality, full-service dry cleaning and garment repair. Choose on-site or FREE pick-up and delivery for all your dry cleaning needs.

Since 2006, we've earned a reputation for both quality and dependability. With same-day and twice weekly dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, WaterStone Dry Cleaning in Tulsa & Owasso can't be beat.


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